Creating New Life for Old Jewellery

Do you have a piece (or pieces!) of jewellery sitting tucked away that you haven?t worn in years? Perhaps it?s a family heirloom that just isn?t your style, an old favourite you?ve outgrown or a damaged piece you?ve never gotten around to having mended. Rather than letting these pieces gather dust, why not have them remodelled into a new design that you?ll love and wear!

A Guide to Argyle Pink Diamonds

Where do Argyle Pink Diamonds come from? The Argyle mine is owned and operated by Rio Tinto and it is the largest pink diamond producer in the world by volume. Levels of production have already reduced since 2015 and it’s predicted that it will shut down by 2020. Are Argyle Pink Diamonds a good investment? […]

Jewellery Graduation Gifts

Graduating from high school or university is an occasion worth celebrating! If you’re hunting for a gorgeous graduation gift to congratulate your loved one on the completion of their studies, look no further. Make the moment that your loved one throws their mortarboard (graduation cap) into the air extra special with a thoughtful gift from […]

2018 Rare Argyle Pink Diamond Ingot Series

We are proud to present the Limited Edition Lake Argyle Pink Diamond 2018 Ingot Series. Nestled amongst the Kimberley landscape, as remote and prized as the rare Argyle pink diamonds themselves, lies Lake Argyle. Illuminated by the Southern Cross, this uniquely Australian landscape is captured and enhanced by the rare and intoxicatingly beautiful, Argyle pink […]

Studio Workshop

Our new studio workshop is set up to encourage and promote the creation of stunning, handmade diamond jewellery for any occasion – on the same premises as our retail showroom.