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Argyle Blue Violet Diamonds


Argyle Blue Violet Diamonds

Rarer than the pink diamonds, the Argyle Blue Violet diamonds are seldom found but highly coveted. It is said that for every 25 million carats of diamonds extracted from the Argyle mine, a single blue diamond is found.

Only 42 Argyle blue violet diamonds have been included in over 30 years of Argyle pink diamond tenders.

If all of the Argyle pink diamonds recovered in a year's production fill the palm of a man's hand, then the blue violet diamonds could fill only a teaspoon.

The Argyle blue violet diamonds are classed into one of three colour grades - from the lightest BL1 to the most intense BL3.

Like the pink diamonds, Argyle issue each blue violet diamond over 0.12ct a lot number and certificate.

Natural blue diamonds are highly prized and the unique colour of the Argyle blue violet diamonds is unlike any other. The rarity of these gems makes them some of the highest priced on the world market.

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Argyle Blue Violet - Blue Moon Tender Diamonds
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