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Argyle Champagne Diamonds

Argyle Champagne & Cognac Diamonds

More abundant than pink diamonds, the Argyle champagne diamonds come in a variety of colours from light yellowish browns to rich chocolate and oranges.

The lightest and the most intense champagne diamonds are the more highly prized. The colour of a champagne diamond is caused by a colour centre, scientifically described as an atomic level lattice defect that absorbs and reflects light similar to the pink diamonds.

An extremely clever marketing campaign by Argyle Diamond rocketed these lesser known diamonds into the public eye and they are now seen as some of the most desirable and noted Argyle diamonds.

Colour ranges vary greatly and Champagne diamonds are classified from the lightest C1 through to the most intense C7. At the C7 end, these diamonds are referred to as Cognac diamonds.

This Argyle Champagne Emerald Cut Diamond ring in 18k white gold is our January Design of the Month and features an impressive 1.84 carat certified Argyle champagne center stone.

Solid Gold Diamonds holds one of the largest collections of Argyle champagne diamonds available to view in Australia.

Many of our Argyle champagne diamonds over 0.38ct are laser inscribed with “ARGYLE”

View our online Argyle Champagne Diamonds collection or contact us for more information.

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