Canadamark Diamonds

Canadamark Diamonds

Solid Gold Diamonds is an exclusive stockist of round brilliant and fancy cut diamonds carrying this branding. Canadamark™ diamonds originate from the Ekati or Diavik diamond mines in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

The Diavik diamond mine is the largest producer of diamonds in Canada and the Ekati mine claims fame as Canada’s first above and below ground mine.

These mines have been carefully designed to ensure there is little to no impact on the surrounding environment and communities that make this area their home. Preserving the Lac de Gras area from which these diamonds are recovered is a high priority for all miners involved with the Canadamark™ diamond initiative.

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To be branded a Canadamark™ diamond, one must have been mined responsibly from the Northwest Territories and must be natural and not have been subject to any enhancements. These diamonds are tracked through a unique audit process. Once the diamonds are recovered from the mine, they are tracked all the way through to cutting and polishing and international certification.

To safeguard this procedure, every diamond is given a certificate card with a detailed description, including the rough diamond weight. The diamond is then cut and polished to exacting standards, laser inscribed with the Canadamark™ logo and a unique serial number. This number is recorded on a card that accompanies the diamond through to the retail store.

A diamond bearing a Canadamark™ laser inscription is one that has undergone intense scrutiny and a strict tracking process. It is free of treatments and is of the highest quality. This information is stored on a database by Canadamark™ where it can be verified online.

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