Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Information on natural fancy coloured diamonds

Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Solid Gold Diamonds boasts one of the best collections of coloured diamonds in the world, from the rare and highly sought after Argyle pink diamonds to the stunning fancy intense yellow diamonds.


Argyle Pink Diamonds

Argyle pink diamonds

Highly sought after, pink diamonds are primarily sourced via The Argyle Diamond mine. Although it is not known exactly what causes the colour in these diamonds, it is thought that a dislocation of the crystal lattice is source of their unique colour.

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Argyle Blue Violet Diamonds

Argyle blue diamonds

Rarer than the pink diamonds, the Argyle Blue Violet diamonds are seldom found but highly coveted. It is said that for every 25 million carats of diamonds extracted from the Argyle mine, a single blue diamond is found.

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Argyle Champagne Diamonds

Argyle champagne diamonds

More abundant than pink diamonds, the Argyle champagne diamonds come in a variety of colours from light yellowish browns to rich chocolate and oranges. The lightest and the most intense champagne diamonds are the more highly prized.

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Argyle Red Diamonds

Argyle red diamond

The most extraordinary of all the Argyle Diamonds could effortlessly be the Red diamond. Very few true red coloured diamonds have ever been recovered. So scarce are these incredible diamonds, that there is very limited information in print about them.

Red Diamonds

GIA Certified Orange & Yellow Diamonds

Natural yellow diamonds

Some of the most beautiful and mesmerizing diamonds on Earth are found with natural golden yellow tones. These spectacular gems are known as Fancy Yellow Diamonds. Found throughout the world, a prized yellow diamond exhibits many colours from faint yellow lemon tones to intense oranges and vivid yellows.

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GIA Certified Green Diamonds

Natural green diamonds

Natural green diamonds come in an array of tones from khaki and olive green to the rarest turquoise colour, emerald and peacock green. The value of natural green diamonds is based on rarity and not so much on beauty, though they are certainly beautiful, making pure greens very highly valued.

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