Argyle Red Diamonds

Argyle Red Diamonds Australia

The most extraordinary of all of the Argyle diamonds is effortlessly the red diamond for its extreme rarity.


Very few true red coloured diamonds have ever been recovered. So scarce are these incredible diamonds, that there is very limited information in print about them.

Most high end jewellers and diamonds suppliers will never see a natural red diamond. The team at Solid Gold Diamonds is fortunate to have been graced with several natural red diamonds in the past few years. Our first hand experience of these precious gems is unparalleled.

Having viewed these amazing diamonds, our consultants are able to assist with sourcing a red diamond, as long as there is no time limit attached.

The Argyle Diamond Mine is the worlds largest producer of red diamonds. Their colour is believed to be caused by the same lattice dislocation which causes the Argyle pink diamond colour.

Natural fancy red diamonds are graded by the intensity of their colour and range from purplish red to red, the stronger the hue, the greater the value of the diamond. Many red diamonds have an undertone such as purplish and very few are pure red.

Like their pink and blue violet relatives, Argyle red diamonds tend to be very small compared to white diamonds. All over 0.12ct are issued with Argyle lot numbers and certificates and most will also be certified by GIA.

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Rare Argyle Red Diamond