There are other laboratories with similar sounding names, so be careful when you are checking these certificates.

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and the HRD (Hoge Raad voor Daimant or Diamond High Council representing the Antwerp Diamond Centre) are the most widely regarded and recognised diamond-grading laboratories in the world. Be cautious of any company offering other types of certificates.

It is not uncommon to find confident tricksters who will alter or replicate the appearance of international diamond grading reports. There are many cases worldwide where diamond reports have been copied and supplied with diamonds that do not match. Our team are able to help you decipher any diamond report and ensure that the diamond you have selected belongs to the diamond grading report supplied.

Some diamond grading laboratories leave out some sections of their certificate and this absence of information can be used to inadvertently provide a false impression of the value of the stone you are purchasing. Here is a checklist of the minimum qualities that should be included on any grading certificate in order to ensure you receive the quality of diamond you are paying for:
 Shape and Cut
 Clarity Grade
 Colour Grade
 Polish & Symmetry
 Table Diameter
 Crown Height
  Pavilion Depth
 Girdle Thickness
 Culet Size
While the order of those qualities may vary slightly amongst the major international laboratories, all of them should be detailed on your certificate.


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