Diamond Pendants & Necklaces Australia

Discover our stunning collection of diamond pendants and necklaces from Solid Gold Diamonds. As Australia’s leading jeweller, each piece has been painstakingly designed and handcrafted to last a lifetime.

We have a wide variety of beautiful pendant designs available in our Perth and Adelaide store. You can arrange a consultation with our designer to make your very own diamond pendant necklace or book a virtual appointment to preview some of our beautiful necklace pieces in-store.

Argyle Pink Diamond Pendant Necklace
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  3. Art Deco Sapphire Pendant
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Diamond Pendant & Necklace Photos To Inspire Your Own

Diamond & Solid Gold Cross Necklaces
Garnet Pendant Necklace
Sapphire & Diamond Pendant Necklace
Pearl Pendant

Diamond Pendants Australia

Discover our exquisite selection of diamond pendants at Solid Gold Diamonds. Our designs add beauty to any beholder. Delicate, intricate diamond ball pendants. The infinity heart diamond pendant. Art deco sapphire pendants. These creations come from the heart of the client and the hands of our team of master craftsmen.

View Bespoke Pink Diamond Necklaces for inspiration

Creating Bespoke Diamond Pendants

The path to your diamond pendant’s beauty begins with a chat with a Solid Gold Diamonds consultant. They’ll tease out of you what you love to wear, how you wear it, what events you intend to wear your pendant to and what budget you’re working with. Using this information, we will then sketch out your ideas and create a unique pendant design just for you. It’s no secret that our clients love this moment. It’s thrilling to see your diamond jewellery evolve. Our master craftsmen will bring your diamond pendant design to life using precious metals and the highest quality diamonds in Australia.


Find your Perfect Diamond Pendant from Australia's Leading Jeweller

Here at Solid Gold Diamonds, we never tire of the moment we first place a new diamond pendant around our client’s neck. To protect your new diamond pendant and ensure its longevity, we recommend storing it in its case when it’s not being worn. To find out more about our range of diamond pendants or to create your own bespoke diamond pendant, book a consult with us at one of our two showrooms in Australia today.

Diamond Pendants Perth, Western Australia

Book an appointment with Solid Gold Diamonds and let our expert jeweller show you how we can breathe life into your diamond pendant ideas. Browse our range of breathtaking diamonds, sourced from Australia and across the globe, to find your perfect piece or let us create something unforgettable for you. To get started, visit our Perth Showroom today.

A range of beautifully crafted pink diamond pendant necklaces in gold

Diamond Pendants Adelaide, South Australia

Explore our exquisite collection of Australian diamond pendants at Solid Gold Diamonds. Breathtaking in its brilliance, each design is set to showcase the natural fire of the diamond. To view our range or create a bespoke diamond pendant, book a consultation or visit our Adelaide showroom today.