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Diamond Pendants & Necklaces

We have a wide variety of beautiful pendant designs available in our Perth and Adelaide store. You can arrange a consultation with our designer to make your very own diamond pendant necklace, or book a virtual appointment to preview some of our beautiful pieces in-store.

The nape of the neck is a beautiful piece of human anatomy. At Solid Gold Diamonds we celebrate it… and aim to enhance it, with our exquisite diamond pendants.

Our designs add beauty to any beholder. Delicate, intricate diamond ball pendants. The infinity heart diamond pendant. Art deco sapphire pendants. These creations come from the heart of the client and the hands of our team of master craftsmen.

Diamond pendant’s beauty begins with a chat

The path to your diamond pendant’s beauty begins with a chat to an expert Solid Gold Diamonds consultant. They’ll tease out of you what you love to wear, how you wear it, what events you intend to wear your pendant to and what budget you’re working with.

You then sit back and enjoy the moment as we sketch everything we’ve learnt into a design idea. It’s no secret that our client’s love this moment. It’s thrilling to see your diamond jewellery evolve.

Then we all stand back for one of our master craftsmen to fashion precious metal and finely cut diamonds into a finished piece.

The moment you fall in love again

Not one Solid Gold Diamonds employee ever tires of the moment we first place a new pendant around an owner’s neck. ‘I’ll never take it off’ is something we hear frequently. Storage in its case is the best protection for long lasting diamond jewellery but we understand the immediate connection!

It is possible to fall in love with diamond jewellery. We did – years ago. Now let us enhance your life and look with a breathtaking diamond pendant from Solid Gold Diamonds.

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