Breathtaking Diamond Earrings in Australia

From everyday wear such as our 1 carat diamond studs to formal diamond dress earrings which instantly add a touch of glamour to any outfit. We have a beautiful collection of diamond stud earrings and designs in our Perth and Adelaide Showroom for you to choose from. Get in touch to arrange a design consultation to design and create your very own pair of diamond earrings that's uniquely yours! A variety design style of diamond stud earrings

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From Idea.. To Sketch, to Solid Gold Status

If you feel that only the perfect piece of diamond jewellery can signify your love and would like to create something truly unique to celebrate a special occasion in your life, we can help. Whether it’s art deco inspired, a simple yet stunning pair of diamond stud earrings or a beautiful pair of drop earring, we can bring your vision to life. Based in Perth and Adelaide, our dedicated Solid Gold Diamonds consultants will take the time to get to know what you like, what you wear, how you wear it and how much you want to spend. Once we’ve come to know you, we’ll work closely again with you to sketch out your ideas and breathe life into your creation. It’s an exciting time – something we invite you to be a part of as the sketch translates to diamond earring status.

Creating Bespoke Diamond Pendants

The path to your diamond pendant’s beauty begins with a chat with a Solid Gold Diamonds consultant. They’ll tease out of you what you love to wear, how you wear it, what events you intend to wear your pendant to and what budget you’re working with. Using this information, we will then sketch out your ideas and create a unique pendant design just for you. It’s no secret that our clients love this moment. It’s thrilling to see your diamond jewellery evolve. Our master craftsmen will bring your diamond pendant design to life using precious metals and the highest quality diamonds in Australia.

Our Diamond Stud Earrings

Earrings are famed as one of the oldest forms of body enhancement. It’s only fitting that an item that’s commanded such popularity through thousands of years is honoured in everlasting fashion here at Solid Gold Diamonds. We take that age-old idea of earrings and give them a stunning new lease on life – one of a kind diamond earring designs to help celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime relationship.

Our Master Collection

Just like some people collect fine jewellery, we collect master craftsmen. It’s within Perth’s largest state-of-the-art workshop that you will find our team of artisan jewellery designers who will work to make your dreams come true. It may have taken thousands of years and countless creations for earrings to reach the modern designs of today. At last, you have arrived at the perfect time and the perfect place to realise your diamond jewellery dream. Whether it’s stud, bar or drop earrings, we want you to feel happy in the knowledge that by choosing Solid Gold Diamonds earrings, they’ve been fashioned by experts with a vision for lasting beauty.

Diamond Earrings in Our Perth Workshop and Showroom

Since 1983, Solid Gold Diamonds has been designing and creating beautiful diamond earrings in our Perth workshop and showroom. Located on Hay Street, our impressive showroom features a glass wall to our manufacturing workshop – allowing you to see first-hand up close where all our diamond earrings are crafted. Our experienced designers, jewellers and gemologists are all available on-hand to assist and bring your vision to life. The end result is the creation of your very own diamond earrings, uniquely designed for you. Contact our Perth Showroom today to make an appointment.

Diamond Earrings in Our Adelaide Showroom

Located on level 1 in Adelaide Central Plaza, Rundle Mall, you’ll find an array of incredible diamond stud earrings and designs to choose from in our Adelaide showroom. Want a custom diamond earring design uniquely tailored to you? Our experienced jewellers, gemologists and designers are all available in the showroom to assist and help bring your vision to life. We’ll work with you to create a stunning pair of diamond earrings you’ll love now, and for many years to come. Make an appointment by contacting our Adelaide showroom today.