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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Australia

All of our emerald cut diamond engagement rings are made to order at our Perth jewellery manufacturing workshop. Please send us a message for further assistance and pricing.

What is an emerald cut diamond engagement ring?

Emerald cut diamonds are generally rectangular or square in shape. They are step cut diamonds with rows of facets, creating a staircase effect. Like baguette cut diamonds, emerald cuts are very clear and can easily reveal inclusions within the stone. Our selection process ensures only the clearest emerald cut diamonds are used in our jewellery, including our emerald cut engagement rings.

Square emerald cut diamonds, also known as Asscher cut diamonds, consist of the same cutting style following a square design. These elegant diamonds are stunning in high colour and clarity grades, as the simple faceting structure creates a mirror like effect.

At Solid Gold Diamonds, we have one of the largest selections of emerald cut engagement ring designs, right here in Australia. You can view our exquisite range online or see our full collection up close and personal at one of our showrooms - Perth or Adelaide

Design your own emerald cut engagement ring

Get inspired and let us help you design the perfect engagement ring with your favourite diamond - the emerald cut.

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