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Yellow Diamonds


Some of the most beautiful and mesmerizing diamonds on Earth are found with natural golden yellow tones. These spectacular gems are known as Fancy Yellow Diamonds.

Found throughout the world, a prized yellow diamond exhibits many colours from faint yellow lemon tones to intense oranges and vivid yellows.

Paired with the perfect cut, these incredible gems are some of the most coveted for diamond collectors.

Solid Gold Diamonds is proud to boast one of the largest collections of natural Fancy yellow diamonds available to view in Australia.

Fancy yellow diamonds are formed when a trace element of nitrogen are present in the diamond. This trace element assists in absorbing blue on the colour spectrum. Resulting in the dominant yellow tone.

Fancy yellow diamonds are awarded colour grades based on the intensity and saturation of colour; from Fancy light yellow through to Fancy Vivid Yellow. Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds are the most highly prized and command a substantial premium.

Every one of our fancy yellow diamonds is hand selected and assessed for quality of cut, the hue, intensity and saturation of colour, evenness of the colour and the tone of yellow present.

The Hue refers to the dominant body colour of the diamond.

Tone is assessed based on the amount of light or darkness seen in the diamond.

Saturation is how strong the Hue is and how evenly spread across the diamond the colour is.

With the right mix of colour and the perfect cut, a Fancy Yellow Diamond is so captivating it can be compared to looking into a fire.

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