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New Arrivals

New Jewellery Arrivals

Have you seen something that you like in our TV commercials?
Watch our ads again or discover more information from our product list below. All of our diamond jewellery is made locally in our Perth CBD workshop. If you see a design you love, we can create the piece just for you within your desired price range, diamond and gold preference.


Our 2021 Earrings Collection
Unique pieces of jewellery can't be found in a shop window. Our designs, with a lifetime quality guarantee, are handcrafted in our studio workshop with the world's finest diamonds and precious gems.


Our 2021 Jewellery Collection
Unique pieces of jewellery can't be found in a shop window. At Solid Gold Diamonds, each design is individually handcrafted in our own studio by our team of master jewellers. You can choose one of our styles or let our designers create one especially for you, with the world's finest diamonds and precious gems and a lifetime quality guarantee. For something special...


Our 2021 Signature Engagement Rings Collection
Introducing our signature engagement ring collection. One hundred percent Australian designed and handcrafted in our studio workshop. Choose from rare Argyle pink, white or champagne diamonds.


Last chance to buy Argyle pink diamonds
Argyle pink diamonds are an irreplaceable part of Australia's history with the mine now closed. Solid Gold Diamonds are proud to offer the rare Collector's Edition. Choose from one of the largest ranges of Argyle pink diamonds in Australia. You can even meet with our designers and jewellers to create your family heirloom for generations to come. The Collector's Edition from Solid Gold Diamonds - view instore or online.

Collector's Edition - Loose Argyle Pink Diamonds
Argyle Pink Diamond Rings
Round Initial Pendant Necklace with Pink Diamond
Yellow Diamond Ring