Top Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

What sort of warranty/guarantee does Solid Gold Diamonds have?

Solid Gold Diamonds offers a lifetime warranty on the manufacture of our jewellery items. Subject to fair wear and tear, we consider our pieces to be of heirloom quality. This means, with the right care and maintenance, your jewellery should be enjoyed by generations of your family.

A complimentary annual clean and polish is offered on all of our diamond rings. This annual restoration allows our team to assess your item and advise if any maintenance is required.

Why choose Solid Gold Diamonds?

There are so many options available for purchasing jewellery. In our eyes, there is just one.

Solid Gold Diamonds has been a reputable part of the Australian community for over 30 years. We have watched as many jewellers set up and close down and yet we continue to grow our company based on the quality of our products. We believe no other jeweller can offer the unique level of service, brilliant diamonds and exceptional design team that we can.

If you do happen to come across someone who appears to offer a better product at an exceptional price, we would welcome you to contact us for a comparison.

Why is selecting a jeweller who is a member of the RJC important?

These days it is difficult to know who is a genuine jeweller from a confident trickster. Fortunately, the Responsible Jewellery Council has done most of the work for you!

Ensuring that their auditing process and Codes of Practices are of the highest standards, Jewellers awarded Certification by the RJC have undergone intense scrutiny and auditing.

As a Certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, Solid Gold Diamonds offers the highest quality conflict free diamonds with jewellery made from ethically mined and sourced minerals. Every aspect from our employment standards, to our pricing and marketing has been audited and assessed by the RJC to ensure that we meet the highest industry standard. Read more about the Responsible Jewellery Council

Is Solid Gold Diamonds an Australian based company?

Solid Gold Diamonds as part of the Diamonds Select Group, owned and operated in Australia, by Australians.

Our Owner and Founder, Mr. Peter Greene heads our team on a daily basis. We employ over 60 team members many from around the globe who have made Australia their home.

Our workshop uses locally mined minerals in our refining process, and our gold and precious metals come from Perth minting operations. Along with our Argyle diamonds, we are one of the only companies in Australia who can guarantee that your item of jewellery is made in Australia, using Australian products.

How many store locations are there?

Solid Gold Diamonds proudly boasts our flagship store located in Perth Western Australia, and our complimenting Adelaide showroom based in South Australia.

Along with our online store, our family owned and operated business ensures we offer the best possible product at the best prices.

Where do Solid Gold Diamonds get their diamonds from?

Being in business for over 30 years has its advantages. Building our reputation on our quality service has allowed us to secure lifetime partnerships with the world’s largest diamond producers. These partnerships have ensured we can source our diamonds from ethical and legitimate suppliers, tracing the origin of our diamonds back to the mine.

Our stunning collection includes Australian Argyle Diamonds, Canadian Diavik & CanadaMark diamonds. All of our internationally certified, branded diamonds come with Statements of Origin ensuring chain of custody from the mine to you.


Design Your Own Ring Questions

Is designing your own ring more expensive?

Every diamond ring in our Solid Gold Diamonds showrooms has been designed and handcrafted by our award winning team.

It costs no more for you to create your own unique piece of jewellery than it would if you were to find your perfect ring in our stores. Our enthusiastic design team delight in being able to turn your ideas into a hand drawn concept to be made by our master craftsmen.

Do I have to make an appointment if I want to design my own ring?

Designing your engagement ring is one of the most memorable moments for a newly engaged couple, along with the proposal that is!

Both our Perth and Adelaide showrooms are open seven days a week including late night trade and each showroom has a design team available at all times.

There is no need to make an appointment; we invite you to visit one of our showrooms at your leisure.

For those who like to be prepared, you are welcome to contact our design team to schedule a time when they can assist you in creating the perfect setting for your diamonds. Read more about our design services

How do I measure for a ring?

If you don't know your ring size, there are two easy ways you can measure for your own ring. Firstly you can print out our ring size pdf here (make sure your printer is set to print at 100%) and measure the internal diameter of an existing ring and we can send you a simple ring sizer in the post.

  • - Make sure your ring fits your finger comfortably. It needs to feel tight enough so that it doesn't slip or fall off, but loose enough to be easy to take off.
  • - Your fingers will change size depending on the time of day and the weather. For best results measure your finger size at the end of the day and when your fingers are warm.
  • - You should also measure your finger size multiple times at different times of the day to ensure accuracy.

Diamond Questions

What do I need to know before I purchase a diamond?

The most important element when buying your diamond is TRUST. Your diamond is a reflection of so much more than how much you pay or how much you ‘save’. The relationship you build with your jeweller is one that will last a lifetime. There will be many occasions to celebrate, hopefully all of them with jewellery.

Finding a jeweller that you can trust to see you and your family through those occasions with pieces as unique and memorable as your relationship is the most meaningful of all.

Solid Gold Diamonds are happy to walk you through every aspect of selecting your diamond.

Our full disclosure policy will help you learn about diamonds and choose the perfect gem to celebrate your special moment. Each member of our team is passionate about diamonds and their characteristics and can assist you in deciphering the world of diamonds. Read more about the 4C's

Why is the quality of the cut of a diamond important?

All diamonds are beautiful, but not all diamonds are crafted equally. The cut of a round brilliant cut diamond is the single most important factor when selecting your diamond. Without the perfect cut your diamond just won't sparkle as well as it could. Diamonds are like magnets and they attract light. It is a diamond cutters main role to ensure they maximise this light attraction by creating the perfect cut.

A well-cut diamond will draw in the light and reflect it back in brilliant patterns and sparkles. A poorly cut diamond lets the light slip through the bottom appearing lifeless and dull.

Ensuring all of our diamonds have Very Good to Excellent cut grades is our passion. Each diamond in our collection is meticulously hand selected based on its sparkle factor.

What is Fluorescence?

Fluorescence is the often misunderstood and barely visible “inner glow” of a diamond. When exposed to ultraviolet light, trace elements in some diamonds become excited and emit a soft glow. This phenomenon can be detrimental to the appearance of a very white diamond if it is extreme, and can also be advantageous to a lower coloured diamond making it appear whiter.

What many diamond buyers don’t realise is that a large number of diamonds have some level of fluorescence. Most diamond mines use X-Ray technology to distinguish diamonds from base rock. Without the ability to fluoresce in the X-Ray image, the diamonds may never be recovered. Solid Gold Diamonds hand selects each diamond based on its appearance ensuring any level of fluorescence does not affect the brilliance of our diamonds. Read more about fluorescence

Do I pay more for a diamond with a GIA certificate?

Diamonds that hold GIA certification do come at a premium, however for peace of mind and quality assurance, we believe this minimal outlay is well worth it.

We're sure you would agree, a diamond that has been independently assessed and documented on an internationally recognised database is far more precious than one without relevant certification that might be a few dollars less.

What is a GIA certificate?

The Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) is the world’s foremost authority on diamond grading.

A certificate awarded by GIA outlines all the characteristics of a diamond assessed by a team of qualified gemmologists. The certificate is an identification document unique to its corresponding diamond that pinpoints defining markings and attributes. A full GIA diamond certificate will disclose any treatments or enhancements that a diamond may have undergone.

Most importantly, a GIA diamond certificate is a sign of assurance and security that your chosen diamond is ethically sourced and conflict free.

Why do two diamonds with all the same gradings have two different price tags?

Every diamond is unique, and it is fair to say that no two diamonds are the same. It may often appear that two diamonds exhibit the same characteristics but look closer and you will find a difference. Should you be lucky enough to find the elusive “perfect pair” of diamonds, the prices will be identical.

There are many variances to consider when comparing your diamonds and it can be daunting. That is why the team at Solid Gold Diamonds have done all the hard work for you and put together a comprehensive guide on what to consider when pondering your diamond selections. Read how to compare carats with carats

Why choose a Select Atelier to purchase my Argyle pink diamonds from?

Argyle Pink Diamonds, based in Western Australia, have a unique product coveted by the world. These diamonds are known to fetch some of the highest prices per carat on record. To ensure the correct representation of their product and their brand, Argyle Pink Diamonds have enlisted a select few around the world to promote their diamond product. Argyle pink diamonds are rare and highly prized. So rare in fact, that most jewellers have never seen one. Imagine buying such a prized gem from someone who knows less about these diamonds than you do?

With a longstanding relationship over 25 years, Solid Gold Diamonds was proudly awarded status of Select Atelier by Argyle Pink Diamonds. Upholding the strict chain of custody and promotional guidelines of Argyle. A Select Atelier is allocated a selection of Argyle Diamonds for distribution to the general public. Purchasing from a Select Atelier guarantees that the product you are buying is a genuine Argyle pink diamond.