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Argyle Pink Diamond Tender Stones

The 2020 Argyle Pink Diamond Tender

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The Final Chapter of the Argyle Pink Diamond Story..

Solid Gold Diamonds is proud to announce the release of five, never before seen, extremely rare and captivatingly beautiful diamonds from the Argyle Pink Diamond Premium Tender, March 2020. Each expertly faceted diamond comes with its’ own individual Argyle lot number and international diamond grading certificate.

The March 2020 Premium tender is one of the final releases from the Argyle diamond mine ever!!!
It is this looming closure of the Argyle mine later this year that really brings to light the elusive and otherworldly beauty of an Argyle pink diamond. As Argyle’s imminent closure twinkles on the horizon, so too does the fleeting opportunity to own a piece of history billions of years in the making.

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