One of the hardest of the four C’s to determine is the colour.

Diamonds are found in a myriad of colours, from vivid fancy colours to crystal clear.

Graded with the naked eye under controlled lighting conditions, A Colour grade is awarded based on the absence of colour.

Diamonds are assessed for colour upside down, through the pavilion. Subtle differences in between the grades may be difficult to notice with an untrained eye. It is unusual that one would grade diamonds for colour “upside down” when it is popular to set diamonds with the table facing up. The reason for this is because many of the diamonds other characteristics can affect the way a diamond looks. Colour is a contributing factor in the price of a diamond as well as the other C’s.

So all G coloured diamonds should look the same and be the same price, interestingly, this is not always the case.

Read more about colour here (pdf)

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