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A cut grade is the most important factor in an assessment of a round brilliant cut diamond.

This grade is awarded based on how all sections of the diamond come together.

When browsing our diamond collection, you will notice that most of our round brilliant cut diamonds exhibit an Excellent cut grade, Excellent polish and excellent symmetry. In the diamond world, this alignment of perfection is known as ‘triple X’ or ‘XXX’ cut grades. Having an understanding of the awarded cut grades often brings a rarely known concept to the diamond buyer. Not all diamonds of XXX cut grades are the same. As confusing as this may be, a determined diamond buyer may find several triple X cut diamonds of the same colour, carat weight and clarity grades, but of varying prices.

These perfect models of round brilliant cut diamonds generally fetch a premium price. But how can you be sure you are getting exactly what you are expecting?

Find out more about cut here (pdf)

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